Water Treatment & Filtration Systems

Water Treatment & Filtration Systems

There are few things more critical to the home than the quality of the water systems within. After all, our bodies are about 80% water so we deserve to have the top-quality water coming into our homes. Parris Plumbing is a sincere believer in the power of water quality and the importance of water treatment & filtration systems. We consider this to be one of the most critical topics in the country when it comes to the health of you and your families.

Unfortunately, many of today’s water treatment plants put chemicals in your water for one purpose or another, intended or not. These can be extremely unhealthy to both your body and mind. In fact, some of these chemicals may be carcinogenic and may cause serious health issues to many. That underscores the importance of having the best water filtration system and effective water treatment and filtration systems out there. We are proud to offer top-of-the-line products made with cutting-edge materials that can help you avoid the problematic chemicals that are present in many different water sources today.

We Install And Maintain Whole House Water Treatment & Filtration Systems.

Parris Plumbing specialises in installing the best whole house water filters to get the highest quality of water throughout your house. With the high-quality products in stock from Parris Plumbing, we’ll make sure that all the water in your house is perfect for any purpose you might be using it for in the Auckland, North Shore, and the Eastern Bays area.

Looking into putting in a drinking water filter for the home? What’s more refreshing than a nice, cold, tall glass of water after a long hot day somewhere? Once you grab that cold drink of water, you want to be sure that you’re drinking water of the best possible quality. With Parris Plumbing installing a drinking water filter for home, you can have a refreshing drink on-demand whenever you want, as pure as it can get.

Looking For Grey Water Treatment Systems?

Parris Plumbing also excels in installing greywater treatment systems. Greywater is a term for domestic wastewater, from sources like the kitchen and bathroom (not sewage, of course). With the right greywater system, this water can get re-used within the household for items like laundry, toilet flushing, and gardening, among other things. It’s a practical and eco-friendly way to save plenty of money for the household. With the right greywater treatment system from Parris Plumbing and Drainage, homeowners can discover an easy and helpful way to save plenty of money on their water bills.

Along with those elements, Parris Plumbing can also provide a host of other services when it comes to water treatment and filtration system. Come to us if you’re interested in installing a hot water filter tap, a kitchen sink water filter, a rainwater filter or residential water filter systems, wastewater treatment, or an on-bench water filler. Want to get water that’s free of those chemicals that might pop up from elsewhere? We can help you out with a state-of-the-art UV filtration system or UV light water filter to ensure the top-quality water throughout.

Have a well water filter system issue? That’s no problem for Parris Plumbing and Drainage! Our experts can quickly go through and provide the repairs, maintenance, installation, or another service that is needed to get it up and running or running smoothly again.

For these services, and any other services you may need when it comes to water treatment and filtration systems, be sure to give us a call as soon as you need something. We’re here to help!

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