Roofing Maintenance

Roofing Maintenance

What’s more important than the roof over your head? Well, not much at all. All that material you can crane your neck to look at – or the place where your kids might get their Frisbee stuck – is the place that helps keep us dry and safe from all of the elements that may plague the house. Roofing maintenance is a nessesary part of home upkeep.

Unfortunately, given the placement and the exposure of the roof, it’s also frequently one of the places in the household that goes overlooked and under-monitored when it comes to maintenance, repair, and home care. That’s a problem. Roofs are a vital part of the home, and they must stay in tip-top shape to keep the valuable occupants (and materials) inside happy and healthy. There’s a host of issues that can happen to a roof thanks to the elements, like:

  • Pooling water. If your roof has a design, flaw, or damage that leads to standing water starting to pool up, that water can eventually sink into the house and cause damage.
  • Punctures. This is a particular problem in areas plagued by high winds or storms. Debris from these winds can easily cause a perforation or a larger hole within the roof, exposing that to all sorts of elements and animal problems. You don’t want insects getting in through the roof, do you?
  • Leaks. No matter how secure the roof is, a leak can always develop. With enough moisture from the leak building up, your home can face problems with mold and other issues throughout the house.
  • Shingle damage. Shingles can shrink or split with the hot or cold weather, and can easily fall off with the changes in temperature. Additionally, they can become warped and lifted over time. Not only do those lifted shingles look unseemly, but they also open up your house to more potential wind and weather damage.
  • Tree and animal damage. Nature, in both plant and animal form, can take out some of its anger on your roof. Your roof might be plagued by the leaves and debris from nearby trees – or have one fall on it. Animals like squirrels and bats can take up residence on your roof and do damage through their generic animal ways – chewing, scratching, and so forth.

How Can We Help With Your Roofing Maintenance?

Luckily, when it comes to roofing maintenance, Parris Plumbing and Drainage is on the case! The trained professionals at Parris Plumbing and Drainage are as at home on the roof of a house as they would be anywhere there are pipes. Count on Parris Plumbing and Drainage for these type of roofing maintenance services in the Auckland, North Shore, and the Eastern Bays area:

  • Leaks & Waterproofing – Our roofing maintenance professionals will make sure that moisture from rainfall and other storms doesn’t sneak into the valuable foundation and structure of your household.
  • Restorations, Replacements & Gutter clearing – Need a whole new roof? Or perhaps just to replace some of the faded old tiles and shingles that may be on there? Call us, and we’ll be able to get it looking brand new. We also specialise in cleaning gutters, making sure these vital objects don’t back up and cause damage.
  • Metal, PVC & Copper Gutters, Spouting, Downpipes – Looking to install an efficient, high-performance gutter and spouting system to your household? Parris Plumbing and Drainage will make sure that this system does the job.
  • Skylights – Add some and an incredible view to your roof with a skylight and enjoy the exceptional Auckland views. We’d be happy to install these!
  • Flashings – Bring these to your roof to serve as another anti-moisture measure. We can show you how to add this vital piece to your roof!
  • Roof Ventilation – Make sure your roof has the right type of ventilation for the rest of the household. Let our experts show you the correct type of roofing for excellent ventilation throughout!
Roofing Replacement

Key Benefit of Service

Whether you require a simple drain repair or a completely new drainage system, Parris Plumbing can help you every step of the way

Need Advice?

We are more than happy to give advice on which roofing maintenance solution is most suitable for your needs Why not ask us to view your property and discuss the various options with you now.

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