Potable Water Repairs & Installations

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Potable Water & Sewer Pump Repairs and Installations

Wondering what potable water is? No problem, It’s defined as any water in the household that is safe to drink by humans (or animals). Water that comes from the tap, for example, would be considered the be potable water. Non-potable water would be the type of water that is regarded as contaminated or unsafe to drink from humans.

Potable Water, It’s The Drinking Water In Your Home. 

Now that you know the definition, we can tackle exactly how Parris Plumbing can help you out with when it comes to potable water and sewer pump repairs and installations! A potable water system is something that can aid with making the water in your household safe to drink or cook with.

Thus, if you’re in need of drinking water system maintenance and system installation, potable water system repair, water pump repair, or water tank pump repairs, give Parris Plumbing and Drainage a call to see how we can assist with creating the best possible potable water system for your home. With the help of Parris Plumbing and Drainage, you can be assured that your home will always have on-demand, free-flowing clean water perfect for all cooking, washing, drinking, and eating purposes. Give us a call and our experienced, veteran technicians will work with you to develop a new system or make sure everything on the existing system is working at its peak capacity. Let us know how we can help!

Another vital part of the home system? Sewer pump repairs and installations. If you’re someone that has a bathroom in need of this essential element, you don’t have the benefit of gravity like other bathrooms in the house do! A sewer pump provides for the crucial passage of sewage from your basement bathroom to the disposal. If you have any need for a sewage pump or sewage pump system give us a call! We are experts in water and sewer pump repairs and installations in the Auckland, North Shore, and the Eastern Bays area. Let us know how Parris Plumbing and Drainage can service all of your potable water and sewer pump repairs and installations needs!

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