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Faucet and Tap Leak Repairs and Installation

Ah, the ever-annoying faucet and tap leak. We’ve all dealt with that at one point or another. This is one of the more common plumbing problems homeowners everywhere encounter – and it’s one that Parris Plumbing and Drainage specialises in fixing with the utmost care and professionalism. We’re professionals faucet and tap leak repairs and installation. As a homeowner, it’s also vital to tackle these leaky faucet problems as soon as possible. They’ll cost you money on water bills, and there’s always the potential for damage – like any untouched problem, they can very soon blossom into something bigger.

Along with faucet and tap leak repairs, installation is another one of our specialties. If you’re looking to upgrade your faucets or taps throughout the house, we can help! The experienced, Certified and Registered plumbers know how to deal with these installations and repairs around Auckland, North Shore, and the Eastern Bays.

Leaking Tap Repair Auckland

Is your kitchen Tap Leaking?Is the kitchen faucet leaking at the base? Or the kitchen faucet leaking from the handle? It could be that the kitchen faucet is leaking from the neck or the kitchen faucet is leaking from the spout – whatever is needed for the repairs when it comes to a kitchen faucet leaking, we can help.

What about the bathroom faucet? Is the bathroom faucet leaking, or the bathroom sink faucet leaking? You could even encounter the faucet leaking under the sink or require a dripping tap repair. Parris Plumbing and Drainage can fix those common problems.

Back to the kitchen – is the kitchen tap dripping or the kitchen tap leaking? Is the kitchen tap leaking at the swivel or the kitchen tap leaking from the neck? If so, we can fix them.

There are plenty of other faucet and tap leak repairs and installation elements we can help out with. Is your sink tap leaking? Do you need single handle faucet repair? How about an outside tap leaking? Parris Plumbing and Drainage will be able to assist with all of your faucet and tap leak repairs and installation!

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