Gutter & Spouting Plumbing Repairs In Mt Wellington

Our Job was to do the gutter & spouting plumbing repairs on a house in Mt Wellington. We removed and replaced the brittle gutters that were causing leaks in the ceiling.

More than 100% recommendation. Roof and spouting fixed. Professional, knowledgable and very trust worthy. Do not look further.

Annette, Client

The Final Result.

We were able to fix all of the ceiling leaks by replacing the gutter & spouting and sealing any issue we could see with the roof while we were doing the spouting job. The customer was happy and we turned this job around in a day.

Plumbing Repairs In Mt Wellington
Before Photo Of Gutter Replacement
Before Photo Of Gutter Replacement
After Photo Of Gutter & Spouting Replacement
After Photo Of Guttering & Spouting Replacement

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Plumbing Renovation In Remuera

Parris Plumbing was recently asked to help with a plumbing renovation in Remuera. It started off with a number of roofing sheets that blew off in a heavy storm. It has caused significant damage to the remaining roof and cracked the chimney cowling.

Once we decided that the roof needed to be replaced, the owner decided to do a complete renovation and rebuild.

We worked with Jeffery Construction on this project. This was a complete strip and rebuild.

The other job requirements of this plumbing renovation in Remuera was to completely re pipe the entire house and renovate the kitchen and bathroom.

Kitchen renovation included:

  • Fitting the new kitchen sink and taps
  • Waste water drains
  • Hot and cold water supply
  • Installation of the waste master and dishwasher.

Bathroom renovation included:

  • Installation of the toilet
  • Bathroom sink and tap installtion
  • Shower installation
  • Vanity installation
  • Waste water replacement
  • New water supply taps

The Challenge Of This Plumbing Renovation In Remuera

The roof trusses had major issues which had to be replaced and we basically had to redesign the whole north facing rare section of the house and give it the fall required to make it legal.

Once the roof ready to be installed we completed the necessary paper work and installed the flashings and roofing iron.

This was a very complex job because the villa was built in circa 1910. It required complete new structure and everything about it was difficult.

“Logan and his team did a amazing job re-roofing my house, it is a old villa with many valleys which made his job difficult, Logan was very straight with what was required and just got straight to work with confidence. The finished product was immaculate and looked stunning, I think he is a perfectionist which is great as a customer. highly recommend”

James Clarke, Client

The Final Result

What we ended up with was a brand new roof and flashings with skylights and a new design.


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Plumbing & Gas Fitting Renovation
Plumbing & Gas Fitting Renovation In Remuera
Plumbing & Gas Fitting Renovation In Remuera
Plumbing & Gas Fitting Renovation In Remuera